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MYP (Middle Year Program) Computer Course

7th and 8th Grade Computer Technology

Lynwood Middle School


Teacher: N. Kalu

Lynwood Middle School, 12124 Bullis Road, Lynwood, CA 90262

Mac Lab, Room B105 Tel.: 3106031466


Course Description:

This is a one-semester course designed for students to learn the skills necessary to operate a computer effectively. Students will learn and use computer applications enabling them to become competent in both verbal and non verbal forms of Communication. Cross-curricular activities will be used to help students learn computer skills and appreciate the role of technology in everyday life. Computer lessons will be linked with other content area subjects to provide support for those subjects and to allow students develop an Intercultural Awareness through assignments and projects that examine technology through local and global lenses. The course will develop the attributes of the learner profile, most specifically: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Communicators, and Reflective.


This course will be divided up into major sections, Computer Applications and Computer Programming. Computer Applications we will work across two platforms using both Microsoft Office applications as Microsoft Word processor, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides, Microsoft Excel, as well as Sway story telling app. We will also use Google Apps such as Google Docs, Presentation, and Numbers.


For Computer Programming, we will be using Google CS First and Scratch curriculum as a guide, as well as curriculum to help students build a foundation for computer programming.


All files will be in digital format as students will create digital portfolios to store their notes and projects which they can access from anywhere with their email accounts.


Course Aims and Goals:

The aims of teaching and study of technology are to encourage and enable students to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the significance of technology for life, society and the environment.
  • Use knowledge, skills and techniques to create products/solutions of appropriate quality.
  • Develop problem-solving, critical and creative-thinking skills through the application of the design cycle.
  • Develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems.
  • Use and apply Information and Communication Technologies effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information, and to solve problems.


Course Objectives:

By the end of the one semester program, students will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in keyboard skills by using correct techniques.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in computer applications by creating documents using Word processor, Excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentation applications and multimedia.
  • Demonstrate efficiency on the use of the Internet to research information accurately and appropriately.
  • Provide support for mathematics for CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam).


In meeting the course objectives, students will:

  • Investigate: - identify a problem to be solved, develop a design brief, a formulate a design.
  • Plan: - design a product/solution and plan the product/solution.
  • Create: - Use appropriate techniques and equipment, follow plan, and create the product/solution
  • Evaluate: - evaluate a product/solution and evaluate their use of the design cycle.


Class Format:

This course will be balanced between theory and practice. Participants may expect to spend all their class time at computers, either learning or practicing and perfecting skills. A typical lesson will include a lecture followed by a demonstration of an application or process useful in the typical classroom. Following each demonstration will be a discussion regarding subject-matter use of the material demonstrated. Participants will follow up by practicing the skill demonstrated and becoming proficient in its use.



During this course, students will work safely and responsibly. Be effective team members, and be engaged. Students may work as individuals or as a team. While there will be no joint projects allowed, participants are encouraged to collaborate in completing their projects.


Course Requirements:

  • Attendance at all meetings
  • Active class participation
  • Passing tests
  • Completion of weekly projects


      Course Materials:

  • Flash/USB drives (1GB and above)
  • Notebooks, Folders, Pen/Pencils


       Grading System:

       Class attendance/participation, test, projects and other assignments have equal

       weight. Students will earn a letter grade of:

A = 90 – 100%

B = 80 – 89%

C = 70 –79%

D = 60 – 69% and

F = Less than 60%.

       Students will also be assessed according to the MYP Technology criteria descriptors

       being given a grade of 1 (Very Poor), to 7 (Excellent). Letter grades and MYP

       Technology criteria will be close aligned to meet LUSD standards and MYP



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